Multiple Sclerosis: Outside In or Inside Out Disease?

Multiple sclerosis was always thought of as a disease where the immune system attacks normal brain tissue. But research indicates the immune system may not be to blame. Instead, the thinking is the fatty wrapping around the nerves commit suicide destroying the nerve fibres.

Prostate Cancer: Global Factors

We don't fully understand the reason but prostate cancer varies in prevalence and severity depending on a person's ethnicity, lifestyle and where they live. Genes, diet, chronic stress and poor nutrition play a part but they are not the entire explanation.

Osteoarthritis: 10,000 steps

Everyone should take 10,000 steps a day for their joint health and muscle strength. Our bodies are made to move, not sit on a couch. Professor Stefan Lohmander from Sweden explains why opting for a quick joint replacement, without trying an exercise or training program, is not ideal.

Prostate Cancer: Low Risk vs High Risk

The word cancer is powerful and frightening but in the case of prostate cancer there is a wide spectrum of risk. Most men with prostate cancer in the US die from heart attacks. Professor Matthew Cooperberg explains how cancer is a spectrum of biology that physicians are really only just starting to understand.