(the)GEN sits down with experts in health, medicine and disease and presents the very latest thinking in the field.

(the)GEN audience includes the general public, healthcare practitioners, health industry and students studying medicine and health-related subjects. They engage for the latest information, because they are sick, because a relative or friend is sick, health is a major interest, it’s part of what they do in their job, and for education - either high school, university or postgraduate studies.

(the)GEN /colloquial/ ~ noun
1. Health information from the expert.
2. Authoritative, the latest, based upon years of clinical experience.
3. GEN-up (sometimes followed by on) - to become informed.

Currently, (the)GEN is entirely self-funded. It’s growing rapidly and has very high credibility. (the)GEN maintains sole editorial control over all of its content and always acts in the interests of the health care professionals featured and patient well-being. Topics are selected based upon their appeal and the latest research. Editorially, all content is evidence-based and completely independent of any sponsor or advertiser.